Monday, May 2, 2016

Life in Time-Lapse

Dawn over the East coast Saint Lucia
A day passes by so quickly now. There was a time when hours would stretch beyond anything our imagination could fill them with. But now the years are like a few sleeps before Christmas. There is so much left to do. Like a time-lapse video of the beauty of night into day and spring into summer, autumn, winter, our breathing has sped up. The dawn sun rises in an lcd glow on our face with her sky filled with soft pinks and warm yellows in rgb. The early morning sun only warms our skin through the fading tinted windows of the suv as we ride a stranger’s bumper hard because we’re forced to go slow. Late. Late. Late again. For what?

We tell ourselves how wonderful it is that despite that we don’t see each other for months, years at a time and still find ourselves firm friends, that this is a good thing. It is a good thing, but why? Thank goodness and ever grateful for small mercies. Is it small mercy that we see so many of our friends at other friends’ funerals?
Time well spent

24 little hours, minute by minute, today. In the end, it is all we have and while money can certainly buy it, is it ever a seller’s market? Look around you. Do the math. Tomorrow is nothing but a figment of your imagination and Christmas is but a few sleeps away. Live well.