Monday, October 27, 2014

2015 Caribbean Nature Calendar is here!!!

I'm really excited to be offering this wall calendar through RedBubble - it is a first for me :)

Lots of colourful photos of sunsets, moons, seas, flowers... hope you enjoy looking and if you would like to buy, please know that not only will I be thrilled to bits, grinning from ear-to-ear, but you will also be giving to one of my favourite Saint Lucian charities - Pawasol Pou ti Mamay who assist children in need in Saint Lucia and have enabled many a child to go to school, a family to provide beds, care and love for some of our neediest.

Please note - only 25% of proceeds from RedBubble goes to Pawasol - sorry, they don't allow much of a markup!
Here's the link to view and purchase!   2015 Caribbean Nature Calendar

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Walking Saint Lucia 2014 July

Saint Lucia is under 'water emergency' - severe's well into our 'rainy season' and day by day passes with only Sahara dust clouding up the sky. A few sprinkles...last night I got to smell 'Petrichor' - the smell of earth wet by the rain (saw that one on Facebook last week) ... but the side effect of 2 inches of rain a few weeks ago has been a burst of flowering. Here you go - walking Cap-Donkey Beach-Cas en Bas and back.

tiny white flowers
Acacia nilotica
Purple flower beach vine
burs again
not a wild flower - by the entrance to what would have been Raffles Golf Course

the yellow daisy like flowers - everywhere in bloom
not a flower - tiny red leafed plant
me n my shadow - one of the happy Cas en Bas dogs
Opuntia - prickly pear cactus
one of the purple flowers
the famous Rocket Booster...and Marjorie's Menu
Someone built a castle
tiny 'thistles' by the pond
The Red Puff Ball plant - one of the thorn trees
think this is a 'Ti Bomn'
The red leaf plant and tiny light purple flowers - about 1/2 cm
here they are up close
the white 5-lobe flower - looks like sweet lime's cousin but no scent
white bougainvillea by Cas en Bas
wild dwarf powye  - Tabebuia heterophylla
See for all kinds of info on our wild and some cultivated plants and their uses

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Been Away a Long Time

Well, I've been on a sort of hiatus - but will be posting work soon ... In the meantime - here's a promo video for Saint Lucia that shows my jewelry from Hot Couture 2013 - frames 42-43 s on Lyn Bristol's lovely handpainted silks

Catch up soon!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Soap and Body Products Training - June 2013

News video of Soap and Body Products training I did last year in Belmont, Dennery, Saint Lucia - a great group of people - hope they're still making things! Maybe I need to check on them...


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Farewell 2013 - Last Sunset of the Year

A photo blog
Softly the day ends

Cruising into the sunset

There's gold to be found....

The Tree-People gather to watch 

And the ship sails on

as God Rays shine down

The mountains absorb the light

Soaking up the last glow

The light pushes the clouds aside
And the clouds make animals..birdy

Birdy and the Cat

And Dolly the sheep looks to the East

And the fish jumps over the clouds

Kitty pops in sideways

Fire Away!


They burst out

And shower us in gold again...

Wish you a wonderful 2014 and that we all walk our paths with great enjoyment, gratitude and blessings for and from those we meet along the way.... 
Please visit my facebook page to review and order your 2014 Sunset Desk Tent Sunset Calendar or Wall Nature Calendar

Desk cover

Desk Calendar Composite

Wall Calendar pictures

Wall Cover