Sunday, January 31, 2016

I call it as I see it

An interesting question on decision-making popped up on Facebook last week. Stan Bishop, one of my favourite local reporters asked:  “Which is better -- running around in circles or being stuck at square one?”

Well, for me, the answer was easy

Somewhere to go

“I'm going for stuck at square one. You know its square 1 and there are others to get to. Being stuck is only permanent if you let it be. Keep checking for a solution and you'll get one eventually. Circles....well, that's the definition of madness - doing the same thing over n over again”

But reading others’ ideas was interesting and made me realize, yet again, that whatever your problem, how you look at it determines how you find a solution – and nobody can tell us all the ‘right’ way to see things.


Vernita had a completely different take to mine: “The fact of being stuck at square one sounds very stagnant I have hot feet so I will opt for going round in circles. Maybe, just maybe whilst going round in circles I may encounter something or someone that will help change the circumstance.”


Faye-Chantelle’s comment looked at both options “They are both equally bad to be very frank, however being stuck at square one allows you time to re-evaluate your strategy, while running around in circles takes you absolutely nowhere, but back to the starting point and of course provides good exercise...Personally, I rather the circles, cause it allows for wonderful physical activity while simultaneously offering much needed re-evaluation time... (Strategy-wise)... So in essence it’s 'killing two birds with one stone' and the best of both worlds... in an odd, not so productive kind of way :-)”

I read somewhere that when Buddha advised people to follow the path to enlightenment, he actually didn’t mean, do as he did, except in that you should find your own path, like he did.

Balance of Open and Focus

So, I just tried to write a few ‘take-aways’, (see list below - there are some possibilities in there J ) but really, the main thing is that we can tend to get caught up in just doing things the way we are used to, I call it as I see it…but this can result in our sight being (un)fairly limited. 

There are many ways to get somewhere: Being open to possibilities while focused on finding ways forward is probably the best combination of attitudes to get you going forward. Whether you adopt a meditative run round in circles, (labyrinths come to mind) or you stop for a moment where you are, at square one, (seated meditation?) and open up from there matters much less than being open and trusting that a solution is there.

Be ready to let go your assumptions, try a different approach, sometimes the change in habits is enough to crack the door and let the light in and be able to see something that you didn't know was there before

I call it as I see it...Mermaid
The Cutting-Room Floor clips:
  • While “whatever works for you” may be good advice most of the time, there’s bound to come a point where we have to be able to open our minds and look for new ways to do things
  • A leader, vs ‘a boss’ – Good leaders help people stay focused but let them use their own methods once they are able to get through to a solution
  • People take different approaches and what works for you may not work for another
  • Your answers are your answers and mine are mine, and they may or may not coincide.
  • Whatever works for you is your right answer/right path

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