Sunday, July 20, 2014

Walking Saint Lucia 2014 July

Saint Lucia is under 'water emergency' - severe's well into our 'rainy season' and day by day passes with only Sahara dust clouding up the sky. A few sprinkles...last night I got to smell 'Petrichor' - the smell of earth wet by the rain (saw that one on Facebook last week) ... but the side effect of 2 inches of rain a few weeks ago has been a burst of flowering. Here you go - walking Cap-Donkey Beach-Cas en Bas and back.

tiny white flowers
Acacia nilotica
Purple flower beach vine
burs again
not a wild flower - by the entrance to what would have been Raffles Golf Course

the yellow daisy like flowers - everywhere in bloom
not a flower - tiny red leafed plant
me n my shadow - one of the happy Cas en Bas dogs
Opuntia - prickly pear cactus
one of the purple flowers
the famous Rocket Booster...and Marjorie's Menu
Someone built a castle
tiny 'thistles' by the pond
The Red Puff Ball plant - one of the thorn trees
think this is a 'Ti Bomn'
The red leaf plant and tiny light purple flowers - about 1/2 cm
here they are up close
the white 5-lobe flower - looks like sweet lime's cousin but no scent
white bougainvillea by Cas en Bas
wild dwarf powye  - Tabebuia heterophylla
See for all kinds of info on our wild and some cultivated plants and their uses