Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Farewell 2013 - Last Sunset of the Year

A photo blog
Softly the day ends

Cruising into the sunset

There's gold to be found....

The Tree-People gather to watch 

And the ship sails on

as God Rays shine down

The mountains absorb the light

Soaking up the last glow

The light pushes the clouds aside
And the clouds make animals..birdy

Birdy and the Cat

And Dolly the sheep looks to the East

And the fish jumps over the clouds

Kitty pops in sideways

Fire Away!


They burst out

And shower us in gold again...

Wish you a wonderful 2014 and that we all walk our paths with great enjoyment, gratitude and blessings for and from those we meet along the way.... 
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Desk cover

Desk Calendar Composite

Wall Calendar pictures

Wall Cover