Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Soapmaking Workhsops

Some of the soaps - de-ee-lish!!
I love handmade soaps - I've been making my own for about 15 years now and recently, a bunch of my friends have been asking if I'd teach them how...so I decided to do a little Intro to Soapmaking class one Satruday...Well, the response has been overwhelming!!! I have run two full workshops the last couple weekends and plan to do one or two this coming weekend too!

They've been a blast! A real mix of people attending - Spa managers, teachers, fellow designers, curious adventurers! And last weekend we were joined by the writer of a great new blog - Island Scene 758 - a blog highlighting all the happenings in St. Lucia - with a growing calendar of events so you will know in advance what's interesting to do and not just after the fact about the things you missed! Take a look at the post about the Soapmaking Workshop here

lining the moulds
Interested? Drop me a line - just $75 EC for a fun and info-filled few hours!