Sunday, July 17, 2016

What’s the Buzz about?

under the Flambouyant Tree at Buzz Restaurant

The Courtyard at Buzz
Last night my friends and I went along to support the soft opening of the ‘New’ Buzz Restaurant in Rodney Bay. Buzz has been a standard on the list of restaurants in Saint Lucia for many years now, serving up South African-inspired cuisine in a beautiful open setting that spilled into the garden under a big beautiful flambouyant tree – my parents were friends with the owner Pat Bowden and had gone to her restaurants many times over the years. I admit, I had not gone to Buzz much…it was a bit pricy for my pocket at the time….so what’s changed?

Well, Pat has decided it’s time for her long, long stay in Saint Lucia to come to an end and she’s handed over to the charming Marisa Groenwald who has been her Manager for the past few years.

Marisa Groenwald, Buzz Restaurant
So Marisa has kept the hint of South Africa alive, but has given the place a pick-me-up of modern style and remixed the menu with some really delicious local flavours – most notable of the new appetizers we tasted last night were the Jerk Fish Breadfruit Tacos (gluten-free) – so good, they were gone before I could get a photo of them! And the Tamarind Spicy Chicken Wings – my choice. They were both definite winners – ones to go back for again! And from the more traditional Bar Bites Menu we were treated to the Famous Cheesy ‘Crack’ Break (one bite is all it takes!) and the Classic Bruschetta – both of which I could easily have feasted on all night too!

Tamarind Spicy Chicken Wings
The Menus
All in all, it was a lovely evening! Last night there was an eclectic mix of people enjoying the atmosphere – visitors to the island, local expats and embassy people and of course real, bona-fide locals and all sorts of Caribbean people who have made Saint Lucia home – I think this kind of atmosphere is what you can expect any evening you may visit: Friendly, relaxed, stylish, decent prices and mouth-watering flavours.

Buzz Restaurant walls showcase Saint Lucian Art: Shay Cozier

Oh! I almost forgot – Marisa has decided to decorate her lovely peaceful grey palate walls with featured artists – for the launch, Saint Lucian artist Shay Cozier’s work adorns the walls – each and every one is for sale. and the paintings are provided courtesy of Island Mix Café & Shop (near the Antillia Craft Brewery) in Rodney Bay, where you can find more authentic local arts, gifts, fashion and crafts along with a beautiful patio with a view of the marina and an ever-cooling breeze.                (758) 458-0450

Inside Island Mix
Inside Island Mix